NGP-PQPM and Clonal Maintenance Project


          The massive reforestation program of the country has continuously implemented through Executive Order 193 known as “Expanded National Greening Program”. The coverage of the National Greening Program is hereby expanded to cover all the remaining unproductive, denuded and degraded forestlands and its period of implementation is likewise extended from 2016-2028. The Program is a poverty alleviation strategy and environmental protection approach.

The Forest and Timber Resources Research Center (FTRRC) actively supports this program through continuously complementing the requirement on production of quality planting materials (PQPM) on indigenous forest trees species. For this year, under A.03.e, Forest and Timber Resources Research Center has a goal of producing a total of 120, 000 QPM if different clonal facilities in Northern Mindanao (R9,R10&R13).

          The FTRRC was tasked to produce these quality planting materials though vegetative propagation. These QPM will be planted in identified critical watersheds and degraded areas in the Northern Mindanao regions.


  • Support the National Greening Program through the production of genetically superior forest trees planting materials
  • Produce 120,000 quality planting materials through vegetative propagation of indigenous tree species for rehabilitation in the identified degraded areas within protection.