Technology Transfer and Extension Services


  • To asses ENR technologies generated by ERDB Main and the Research Centers;
  • To Establish a system and facilitate the packaging of ENR technologies;
  • To develop package of technology for specific end users.


      The Ecosystem Research and Development Bureau Proper and the Research Centers as Regional R&D offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has generated technologies through its RDE programs, projects and activities on the management and protection of the country’s major ecosystem types- forest, upland farms, grassland and degraded areas, coastal zone and freshwater and urban ecosystems. The research results before they were disseminated, have undergone an evaluation process through the ERDB Technical Review Board. These were promoted either through publications, technology forum, establishment of demonstration areas, techno-caravan and IEC materials, provision of technical assistance and conduct of trainings.

      However, the sustainable application of technologies has not been looked into, thus they need to undergo thorough assessment to determine the degree of maturity of technologies using the parameters on social acceptability, technical, economic, environmental and political (STEEP) aspects. Likewise this review is needed in order to recommend actions on a particular technology either to promote for adoption, disseminate the information, use as inputs to the draft policy or package into IEC materials. This evaluation system is what the Technology Assessment Procedure (TAP) for ENR of the ERDB is all about. The application of the TAP guidelines in the ENR Research assures the adherence of a system to assess technologies and recommend appropriate utilization (Sinohin, V. and Asis, L., 2015).